"BiggerPockets" Podcast

If you want to build a rental portfolio, you need to know how to scale the right way. Buying a property every year or two is good, but it won’t give you the financial freedom you desire. However, if you know how to double, triple, or quadruple the amount of real estate you’re acquiring without adding tons of tasks (or stress) to your plate, you could be financially independent faster than you’ve ever thought. This is precisely what Niti Jamdar & Palak Shah did, building a ten-million-dollar real estate portfolio in less than a decade.

"BiggerPockets" Podcast

Palak Shah walks us through how she built a $4M portfolio in just three years by “supercharging” the BRRRR strategy in Episode #368 "$3,500 per Month From One BRRRR Deal With Palak Shah". 

Business Insider Article

26 units and $1 million a year: Here's the 'supercharged' real-estate-investing system a former engineer used to flee corporate America in just 3 years time

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"Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons" Podcast Episode.

In this episode, Palak shares how she went from Mechanical Engineer to Buy-and-Hold Real Estate Investor with a $4 Million Portfolio

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"Jumpstart Philly Real Estate Radio Show"

Palak discusses the importance of finding the right contractor to do multiple projects with, budgeting for contingencies, and not getting distracted by bright, shiny objects when doing real estate.


"Investing for Good" Podcast

Learn more about "How To Transition From A 9-5 Job Into Real Estate With Palak Shah".

Biggerpockets Blog

Click below to read more about:

- Real Estate Investing Tips During a Pandemic
- Choosing a 30-Year Mortgage Over a 15-Year
- Life-Changing Productivity Strategies

...and more

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"Apartment Investing Show with Adam Adams"

Palak Shah shares 4 Tips to Become Highly Effective in Real Estate World.

"Blue Collar Yields" Podcast

Palak chronicles her journey into entrepreneurship in value-add investing and building a 4 million dollar portfolio, discussing strategies in project sourcing and funding options, targeting markets, screening tenants, women working in male-dominated industries, the gender wealth gap, and flexing your risk-taking muscles.

"jumbleTHINK" Podcast

Palak shares her passion to empower other women to pursue entrepreneurship through real estate investing to live an empowered and financially free life.

"The Real Estate InvestHER Show"

Listen to Palak Shah and Patricia Red Hawk share how they made the transition to a new full-time career in real estate.

Palak Shah and Pili Yarusi discuss how to calculate risk and how they've grown their investment firms and their education companies without sacrificing their families or themselves.

Palak shares how she went from a Mechanical Engineer, climbing the corporate ladder, to real estate developer and blogger in Philadelphia focusing on a buy and hold strategy.

"5 Minute Success" Podcast

Palak shares

  • Her Success Story
  • Committing to Get Leads
  • Consulting to Sell
  • Connecting to Build and Grow
  • Sweet Spot of Success
"How to Get Started in Real Estate as a Young Professional"

With a background in engineering, Palak set up systems and hired people who allow her to sit behind the desk and grow her portfolio seamlessly. Join us as she shares advice and lessons she’s learned along the way.

"Who’s Next" in Philadelphia Real Estate by Billy Penn

Palak was recently named one of Philadelphia’s 40 under 40 developers in Real Estate.

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The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast

"THIS Is How True Financial Freedom Looks Like"

Niti Jamdar & Palak Shah, have achieved true financial freedom through real estate investing using the BRRRR Method. This dynamic duo is known as The BRRRR Experts and Retired High Earners at 40. Tune in to this episode to discover how to build wealth by buying, rehabbing, renting, and refinancing your property, then repeating the process many times.

The Only Woman in the Room

Whether you are a complete newbie or someone who is on their 700th deal, this book is full of tips and knowledge from every single woman who authentically contributed her experience, mind and heart to this book.

You will learn applicable tips and strategies about various real estate investing niches and topics including multifamily investing, raising private money, construction management, creative financing, and how to overcome any obstacle.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will learn, you will be inspired!


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