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BRRRR For New Investors

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Get access to the recording of our exclusive summit to learn how we are growing our real estate portfolio during COVID, advice from successful BRRRR investors and scaling it like a business, plus Palak's e-book to get out of analysis paralysis and our favorite rental finishes. 

Whether it is fear holding you back or analysis paralysis, this is the fast track to clarity you need to get your strategy aligned with your goals so you can stop dreaming and take action.

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What people are saying about the 5 Hour BRRRR Accelerator:

"I am learning so much right here and I spent money elsewhere and did not experience these realistic mindsets that you have shared here.” ~ Kurinne S.

"The immigrant mentality of “go to school and have a career” was just the only way I was taught to be “successful”. A big mindset shift for me!” ~ Melissa P.

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Get Access For Just $27
BRRRR Accelerator

$27.00 USD

5 Hour BRRRR Accelerator is for:

  • Investors looking into rentals but are paralyzed by information overload
  • Current rental owners looking to scale to 10+ rentals a year
  • Investors trying to understand how to pivot their business during COVID

You'll also:

  • Learn from successful new investors who had recent success with the strategy

  • Get clarity on strategy and what your next steps should be

  • Plan your next step toward financial freedom with the One Year Roadmap

  • Get a download for the list of our favorite finishes
  • Download our E-book to get out of Analysis Paralysis

Hosted by:

Palak Shah and Niti Jamdar

Palak Shah

After quitting her job as a mechanical engineer to spend more time with her kids Palak turned $25K into a 5M real estate portfolio in less than 3 years. She has been featured on publications such as business insider and biggerpockets.

Niti Jamdar

Niti brings 20 years of experience in strategic leadership, and was until recently an Executive in Product Strategy and Finance for a Fortune 100 company. He is the strategic mind behind the exponential growth of Open Spaces Capital.

Defining Your Real Estate Investing Strategy

Whether you are a new investor or have been dabbling in Real Estate, we cut out all the noise and work towards getting clarity once and for all. Define a clear Real Estate Investing strategy and build your one-year roadmap.  Also learn about the true power of supercharged BRRRR.

Thriving through COVID

Like any business, the investing strategy of BRRRR needed to pivot during COVID. During this session, we peel back the curtain to talk to you about some of the pivots we have made to not just survive but thrive during COVID. 

BRRRR Case Studies Panel 

Beverly B.

From wholesaling and flipping to BRRRR

Rupam P.

Investing as a full time mom and entrepreneur

Lais K.

3 BRRRR Deals out of state in 6 Weeks


Anastasia B.

Crystal clear mindset shifts that allowed her to make her first deal!

Raza D.

Primary Residence BRRRR and hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity

Industry Experts Round Table

Jason R.

Risk Management Advisor

Tim J.


Alan N.


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