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Open Spaces Portfolio ProgramTM was founded by Palak Shah to empower new investors with knowledge to build wealth and financial independence through Real Estate Investing in a small group setting.  Her program teaches you how to invest in Real Estate using her blueprint for value-add investing strategy also known as the supercharged BRRRR strategy, even if you have never invested in real estate before.  It is a chance to learn directly for her in the company of other ambitious investors.
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Beverly Buella

"Since I have known Palak for a few years, I know who Palak surrounds herself with and is constantly seeking ways to grow herself and her business - and creating this program was an extension of that desire to help others succeed.
She has created systems and processes that allowed her to succeed and wanted to share that - that alone was a huge value for me."


Cheryl Tan

"I absolutely love what Palak is creating, a community building sustainable futures through real estate investing. She has developed a step by step system to find deals, work with contractors and understand financing. With the help of Palak’s tools, we have everything we need to grow our portfolio. Thank you!"


Kristin DiPasquo

"I am thrilled that now, a little more than a month since beginning to work with Palak, I am under contract on my first rental property. Besides having a wealth of investing knowledge and experience and an inspiring path of her own, Palak knew just what I needed at what moment: to help me build confidence and zone in to make real moves."


Laila Farally

"Palak has a way of explaining complicated real estate terms into simple and easy to understand language. After this cohort, I have a better understanding of how I can develop and scale my business without feeling overwhelmed and feeling paralyzes to the idea of scaling."


Anish Ali

"Learning from Palak has helped me have a better understanding of how to analyze deals. Most importantly Palak has given me the tools which I lacked before this program. Being surrounded by a great group of individuals is a great motivation and being able to reach out to other members help."


Jody Prall

"Through Palak's generous and patient guidance, I have been able to make sense of the numbers needed to make a deal work. I feel comfortable talking with lenders, and I feel less shy about asking them to explain their terms if I'm confused.  She taught us to get comfortable with learning the process."


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