How to buy your first rental property this month even if you are stuck in analysis paralysis

Proven strategies to take the leap of faith created for a new investor who wants to build their cash flowing rental portfolio.

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • The signs and symptoms of analysis paralysis and how to know when it’s not just a “phase”
  • A four step A-B-L-E method you can put into practice to start seeing results right away
  • The 3S framework and how to implement it
  • Lessons from my own story from previously struggling corporate mom who used this method and never dealt with analysis paralysis again

"...I am under contract on my first rental property. Besides having a wealth of investing knowledge and experience and an inspiring path of her own, Palak knew just what I needed at what moment: to help me build confidence and zone in to make real moves."

Kristin Dipasquo

Do you analyze lots of properties but never make an offer? 


Whether you are stuck in analysis paralysis or struggling with not knowing what type of property you need to go after, there are proven steps you can take to make a decision and move forward once and for all. Follow my surprisingly simple method to taking the leap of faith and my 3S method to define your property avatar. Grab my free guide to finally learn what it takes to ease into Real Estate Investing.



A Note from Palak...


I was a mechanical engineer working in corporate - after 17 years of climbing the corporate ladder, my husband and I decided to have kids. Suddenly, my perfect life seemed to be occupied with worrying about my children during work and typing emails during bedtime. I pumped breast-milk during conference calls and wondered if this is what I spent 17 years to build. I took a big risk and quit my job to build my real estate portfolio. I have now built a portfolio worth $4M in the first 3 years of being a full time investor. I have the freedom to spend my days the way I want and grow without a glass ceiling. This has been life-changing experience and I am passionate about helping others succeed and get to the same freedom.  

I speak with hundreds of future investors stuck in analysis paralysis waiting to make a move into their investment journey.  I wanted to share my step by step method that would make taking the leap of faith easy. When you implement the A-B-L-E method and the 3S framework to define your property avatar, you will be able to move forward with your first investment with ease.




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