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One of the acquisition strategies many seasoned real estate investors swear by is REO properties. However, it is a very challenging field to step into and requires patience, relationship building, and risk taking that might not be for the novice investor. There are certain aspects that one needs to be aware of when trying to acquire an REO property. Perhaps the most important aspect is that investing in the REO market is a strategy that requires a high level of sophistication and diligence. The learning curve is far beyond what most people realize. This overview is intended to get you familiar with complexities the REO property market.


So, what are REO properties? REO stands for “Real Estate Owned”; a real estate owned property is a property whose ownership has lapsed back to the bank or mortgage lender. There are many steps through which a property goes before attaining the infamous REO title. Below is the life cycle of an REO Property.


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