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Q & A Replay: Your Guide to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

podcast Dec 01, 2023


Are you looking to break the cycle of generational wealth? Are you fed up that other people seem to have it all figured out when it comes to making money in real estate? If so, then this episode of The Wealth Blueprint is for you! 


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Find your tribe with Palak and Niti as they share their experience and wisdom, for free, in a delightful Q&A session facilitated by Aviv, their senior adviser from their Mastery community. 


Starting with their own backstory, Palak and Niti share the steps they took to quit their real jobs and make a go of it full-time, using property to create passive income and true generational wealth.


Learn how to buy and hold your assets, how to start planning for 2024 NOW, which parts of the USA are smart investment areas currently, and what it takes to get a good, reliable team together. 


Buying cash-flowing assets and deciding on which strategy to use and when to get started isn't so much about information overload (beware: analysis paralysis!)  - it's about knowing the right information for your particular investment needs. 


And that information download starts here and now. It's time to free yourself from the 9 to 5. Please join us.



"The way to create wealth and the way to build passive income is through assets. Not just buying and selling assets, but buying and holding assets." ~ Niti Jamdar


In This Episode:

  • 00:55 Niti shares their wealth creation backstory
  • 05:34 What is the right strategy for me? Does BRRRR still work? 
  • 14:55 Why you should be planning 2024 now
  • 18:12 Is this the right time to invest?
  • 24:47 What if the real estate market crashes?
  • 27:32 How can I trust contractors and find great tenants? 
  • 31:02 How do you build your team? Deciding on the key members
  • 33:08 Is California a good place to invest?
  • 35:16 What states are good for investment right now?
  • 36:17 The Three Key Things you need to master as an investor




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