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Andrew's Investor Mindset – 2 Properties, 1 Dream

podcast Dec 08, 2023


What does Year One of a Five Year Plan to exit the corporate rat race and enter the world of real estate look like? 


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For Andrew, a shining star of the Open Spaces community, this has involved closing on two properties already. And a plan for financial freedom that was beyond his imagination when he began.

A father of three kids who’s been married for over 22 years (he calls his wife his ‘accountability partner’) and working for a global payments company, Andrew’s life was full. But he still felt something was missing. 

And, like for many of us, the pandemic precipitated a change in direction. But what would Andrew do to find more fulfillment?

First, he tried bartending to connect with people after the lockdown, and then he met a realtor friend. This coincided with him coming across Open Spaces online. The rest, as they say, is history. 

In this episode of Sensei Sessions, where we learn from members of our Open Spaces community, Andrew shares his ‘investor mindset’ approach and how he applied this to his Property Acquisition Journey. 

First, he closed on one property and got the rehab done in two short months, and then on his second property (also in Philly) soon after that. And all within year one of what is now a well-thought-out five-year plan to acquire financial freedom through real estate!


Andrew’s property-related positive affirmations and financial acumen complement each other perfectly as he demonstrates how the Open Spaces model can work so well – beyond even your wildest dreams! Please join us.


“I needed to take what I’d learned in the modules (which were a great foundation) and then apply them. Because if I didn’t apply them, then what was the point? What was the point of going through all that if I wasn’t going to do it?” ~ Andrew


In This Episode:

  • 01:30 How the Open Spaces community has helped Andrew
  • 02:50 How did COVID affect Andrew’s approach to his corporate job? 
  • 05:00 Andrew’s introduction to property
  • 06:40 Where is Andrew at in his Property Acquisition Journey?
  • 09:39 What did Andrew learn after closing on his first property?
  • 14:17 Getting the rehab done in 2 months, and refinancing the first property
  • 18:00 Using Other People’s Money to invest in property 
  • 19:25 Lessons learned from property #1(should you work with a realtor friend?)
  • 22:35 Simplifying the numbers: understanding the BRRRR calculator
  • 28:00 Property #2: What happened? Getting a high ARV!
  • 33:39 How do you help yourself when things are challenging? 
  • 37:33 Andrew shares his property-related positive affirmations 
  • 42:09 What’s next for Andrew? The challenge of finding the next deal
  • 46:15 Andrew’s Takeaways: Continue Forward Every Day + Community Gratitude




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