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Why a Virtual Assistant Could be a Game-Changer for Your Business!

podcast Jul 14, 2023

Why is it important for you to hire a Virtual Assistant – and when is the right time to do so? To help you up your business game, Palak and Niti are offering us their tried and tested tips for working with a virtual assistant in this super practical episode of The Wealth Blueprint.

If you are the only ‘doer’ in the business and everything falls on your shoulders, you’ll find it hard to build systems and processes – and precious time is then taken away from growing and scaling your business. 

Help in executing the smaller tasks with the help of a virtual assistant is like having an extra pair of arms and legs! 

From learning not to just delegate the tasks you don’t want to handle, to how to create opportunities for your virtual assistant to come to you when they’re stuck, turning your virtual assistant into a game-changing reality for you and your business is just a download away! 

Please enjoy these amazing tips on how best to get the most out of a virtual assistant so that you can scale with ease!


 “If you don’t hire a virtual assistant, it’s like a death by a thousand cuts. Because every little thing will fall on your shoulders alone.” ~ Niti Jamdar 


“As a CEO, whether it’s in real estate or any other business, your job is to grow the business.” ~ Palak Shah


In This Episode:

01:20 Why do you need a virtual assistant? 

02:25 Understanding your job as a CEO

03:20 Don’t just give your VA the jobs you don’t want!

04:40 How to give your VA opportunities to come to you when they’re stuck

05:40 Using Slack as a communication channel with your virtual assistant

06:52 The importance of detailed feedback and clear SOPs early on

08:40 Writing down what you’re doing (so you know what you can delegate)

09:48 The Virtual Assistant Challenge – hiring someone for just two weeks

11:24 Using an agency to find someone for you



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