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Who in the World Has Time to Build Wealth?

podcast Jun 23, 2023

In today's busy world, who's got the time to build real wealth? Demanding jobs, young kids, aging parents, social media distractions, and trying to find a moment for ourselves in between... life is full! So, how are we supposed to build wealth?

It starts with a mindset shift: turning "I Have to do" into "I get to do"; appreciating that your position in life is one of privilege and that opportunities for you do exist. From there, we can address how we are looking at our day through the lens of becoming more productive.

Today's episode is more than just a blueprint for acquiring generational wealth: it's a template for improved everyday living that includes all the best tips and tactics for becoming more productive that Palak and Niti have acquired over the years.


"Wealth building is a privilege." ~ Palak Shah
"Building wealth is a rock in your life. It's one of the most important things you'll do for yourself." ~ Niti Jamdar


In This Episode:

02:00 Appreciating that wealth generation is a privilege that not everyone gets to enjoy

05:19 What systems and processes are you implementing in your daily life?

11:59 What Top 3 tasks are you tackling first in your day?

13:05 Appreciating calendar blocking

16:48 How are you scheduling time for self-care?

20:53 Are you an 'obliger'? Who's holding you accountable to your goals?



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