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Top 5 Character Traits of Successful CEOs

podcast Jul 07, 2023
What are the common traits of highly successful CEOs that you can learn from and apply in your own business from the get-go?

Palak and Niti are offering us five of the most common successful character traits of CEOs that they’ve been exposed to in their mastermind groups and real estate business. 

Every upside in business has a downside, and just because you are growing doesn’t mean you won’t have problems. How you learn to view problems in the business as not problems with the business is just one of the savvy insights this week’s episode of The Wealth Blueprint offers.

Learn about how CEOs embrace uncomfortable change and the value of forming good long-term relationships in this insightful episode from Palak and Niti. Please join us. 

We trust that you will find this episode to be of great value. Please feel free to share it with your friends. 


 “These CEOs are constantly working in their own lane.” ~ Palak Shah


“If you want to work with good quality vendors and if you want to attract a good quality team that works for you, you have to put out that energy in the world that you are there to give.” ~ Niti Jamdar


In This Episode:

00:50 Committing to your vision - and saying NO to everything else

03:57 Being long-term focused versus transactional

06:23 How top CEOs are constantly working on themselves

09:20 Adding value first – how CEOs don’t always expect something in return

11:00 Not looking at problems in the business as the business being the problem



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