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The Property Portfolio Building SCALE Framework

podcast May 26, 2023

As a high earner, how do you build a multi-million dollar portfolio in three to five years, and make work optional? Welcome to The Wealth Blueprint: Financial Freedom Through Real Estate, with your hosts Palak Jamdar and Niti Shah.

Palak and Niti are guiding us through the 'SCALE Framework' they used to build a ten-million-dollar portfolio in five years, which allowed them to retire from their high-paid jobs. 

They're covering some important topics today: the BRRRR strategy, and what they then did differently to other investors. Understanding their SCALE Framework means you won't have to make the same mistakes they did as you build your property portfolio. 

The SCALE Framework is a blueprint that allows you to scale fast, build cash flow fast, and use the least amount of time. It's a surefire plan to build your multi-million dollar property portfolio in no time. Let's dive into the show.


 "As Warren Buffett says, sometimes it's not about how hard you're rowing the boat, sometimes it's about what boat you're in." Niti Jamdar


"We wanted to be involved in real estate, not from a transactional perspective. We wanted to be involved in real estate from a long-term buy-and-hold perspective because that's how wealth is made."  ~ Palak Shah


In This Episode:

01:35 - Understanding time and location freedom in the real estate world

03:40 - Is your 401K savings enough to retire on?

04:27 - Understanding the BRRRR strategy

12:00 - Why using personal credit is not a good idea to buy your first property

13:30 - What the SCALE Framework is all about – and how it will work for you

And more!


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