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Nurse, Mother, Investor: Anita's Path to Passive Income through Real Estate

podcast Sep 01, 2023


Before the program, Anita was like a tortoise. Looking at properties online but not really doing anything with her curiosity. Now, since joining the Open Spaces Real Estate program, Anita describes herself as more like a cheetah, moving "fast-paced."

And considering that she's just closed on her second property, it's fair to say that Anita is moving fast!

Welcome once again to the Open Spaces Real Estate Sensei Sessions, where we learn from rockstar portfolio program students what it's like to close on your first property deal by working with Palak and Niti's BRRRR-focused program.

Anita is a Registered Nurse who is juggling motherhood (her child makes an appearance in this episode 🙂), and so she needed a simple yet effective way to start earning passive income through property without making too many mistakes.

And this is where Palak and Niti's wisdom comes in as they helped Anita close on not one, but two properties in record time! Please join us as we learn about Anita's journey into the exciting and empowering world of real estate.  

"I realized that ever since I had a change in mindset, it has really helped me to progress and move forward.” ~ Anita


In This Episode:

  • 00:55 How did Anita get involved in real estate?
  • 06:00 What was Anita's first investment?
  • 10:35 Is Anita surprised by how quickly owning her first property happened?
  • 17:50 What has Anita learned about herself to get through this process?
  • 19:00 What specific mindset shifts has Anita made?
  • 23:30 How has the program helped Anita?
  • 27:40 What are Anita's future goals? 



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