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Ignoring the Naysayers: Building Wealth in Real Estate

podcast Aug 04, 2023


How do you deal with the naysayers? It's fine when you're following the rules and traditional money-making paths, but as soon as you do something different, start thinking out of the box, and challenge the status quo, there are going to be people on the sidelines who disapprove. 

Palak and Niti are offering their tools and strategies for dealing with those real estate naysayers who just can't see your bigger picture. 

Whether it's an estate agent who simply doesn't get that part of your BRRRR strategy involves buying a distressed property in a less-than-ideal neighborhood (so that you can add value!), or someone who's offering advice without owning property of their own, these naysayers come in all shapes and sizes. And you shouldn't let them throw you off your game!

It's all about taking limited risks, understanding what you're doing, running the numbers, having an exit strategy, and sticking to the plan. The way to build real wealth takes time and diligence in the application as you ride out the market ebbs and flows. 

Palak and Niti are reminding us that NOW is a good time to invest because you do have the skills. Instead of questioning your own path, perhaps just consider what it is that you still need to work on. 

This episode of The Wealth Blueprint is a wonderful affirmation to block out the noise of the naysayers and keep building your self-confidence and self-belief. Please join us! 

"When you have an open mind, you grow much further. And you see that reflected in successful people." ~ Palak Shah 


 "We've seen live examples how, if you invest prudently in real estate, if you know what you're doing, if you learn the right way to invest, it doesn't matter what the market is doing because you're investing for the long-term." ~ Niti Jamdar


In This Episode:

  • What to do when encountering an agent who makes you doubt your decision
  • Why is it that the most "sure" people are those with the least experience?
  • How negative news gets the most eyeballs – and how to counter that when investing 
  • How the naysayers are risk averse, stay where they are, and limit their growth potential
  • The importance of creating a tribe and building a moat to protect you from the naysayers
  • Why the numbers don't lie: focusing on the numbers when faced with doubt 



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