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How to Overcome Fear in Investing

podcast Jun 09, 2023

What do you do if you are afraid of investing? How do you manage risk? Fear is often the thing that prevents us from taking action, and today's episode of The Wealth Blueprint is all about overcoming that fear.

Palak and Niti are back and this week they're talking about mindset hacks to overcome fear, as well as a specific framework for implementing the right investment strategy. 

They're also drawing on their wealth of real estate experience by proving specific examples of how to use the BRRRR method effectively, as well as what you can do to overcome risk. 

Approaching fear with curiosity by listening to your body is as important as learning to flex your risk muscle. Because if you are wanting to become an entrepreneur, the truth is that you will need to take risks along the way. 

Thankfully, with The Wealth Blueprint to listen to, great investment advice on adopting the right mindset is just a click away. Please join us on this episode that is guaranteed to leave you feeling less afraid of the potential real estate investments waiting for you!


“The pain of not being there with them (our kids) and being able to control our own time and our own destiny... that was far greater than the fear of failing." ~ Palak Shah

"If you take smaller risks first you start flexing that muscle." ~ Niti Jamdar


In This Episode:

01:57 - The value of assessing the risk – and then mitigating it

03:20 - Understanding that a conservative mindset has (perhaps) been instilled in you

04:43 - Insights from philanthropist Sara Blakely: what did you fail at today?

06:12 - Figuring out your WHY and what really motivates you

08:30 - Dissecting your risk into manageable issues

09:38 - Creating a risk assessment strategy to quantify your risk

11:34 - Making the right decision based on best and worst-case scenarios

19:21 - Surrounding yourself with mentors (there's no transformation in isolation)


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