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How to Invest in 2023

podcast Jun 02, 2023

Are you ready to invest? Right now? In 2023? What's holding you back? The question always comes up: is this the right time to invest? The market is shifting constantly, and Palak and Niti have their finger on the pulse of all things property, ready to provide you with the right, educated answer.

Unless you're an investor, it's difficult to understand the market's ebbs and flows. And while Palak and Niti took a chance years ago and have now built up a $10 million property portfolio, some of their friends are still asking, "Is now a good time to invest?" 

As Palak wisely points out, that's not the right question – or even the right attitude. The right question is, "How can I take advantage of what is happening right now?" It's not "Should I be investing?" as Niti agrees, but "How should I be investing?"

There's more sage advice inside in this electrifying episode of real estate in the moment, in the year 2023.  Let's dive into the show.


"Buy and hold is a very forgiving strategy. It's not like a flip where you buy and then you have to sell it no matter what." ~ Niti Jamdar

"When we first got started, I called 90 some banks and created a giant encyclopedia because everyone had very stringent considerations on what they needed to see before they would fund a deal. And it's not like that anymore. It's very different right now. And as I’ve seen that, and now seeing this, we can see all the opportunities." ~ Palak Shah


In This Episode:

02:30 - Asking the right question - seeking advantage of what's going on currently

04:40 - Appreciating the BRRRR strategy for long-term wealth

11:20 - How Palak and Niti coped with COVID (seeing opportunity)

11:50 - Understanding the investor's perspective on market cycles

14:00 - Identifying what we need to do now in this specific property market cycle 

18:38 - What skills do you need to develop in 2023 to BRRRR wealth?

20:00 - Assessing your own capabilities so you can get better at property investment

And more!



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