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How Much Wealth Do You Want To Build?: Three Key Reasons To Keep Going

podcast Aug 18, 2023

When will it be enough? How much wealth do you want to build? How many properties are enough? These are often the kinds of questions that Palak and Niti get asked by their community, so in today's inspiring episode, they are addressing these issues head-on!

They are providing us with three key reasons why we should want to succeed in business on our own. And as we have come to expect from The Wealth Blueprint, this involves a mindset shift. 

Have you been trained to think that rich people are not good people, or that if you have more money, you will have more problems? 

Have you been drinking the Kool-Aid where you've let other people determine your fate in the corporate world? Have you fallen victim to seeking external validation from your parents? 

No one ever says they want to work less because they're lazy. No, you want to work hard, for yourself, so that you can live a life of financial and time freedom, which means no one gets to tell you what to do.  

You choose this life because you want to set a good example for your kids to follow. 

And you choose this life because you know that the more you fulfill your potential, the more you can impact the lives of others. Please join Palak and Niti as we learn that it's indeed our job to do more.

 "I didn't want financial freedom because 'I didn't want to work.' I wanted financial freedom because I didn't want anyone to tell me how much to work, when to work, and what to do." ~ Palak Shah


"The best way to teach something to your kids is by doing it yourself." ~ Niti Jamdar


In This Episode:

  • 01:30 Why do you want financial freedom? 
  • 02:20 Why Palak chose a path of financial freedom
  • 03:55 How someone else determines your worth (in corporate)
  • 05:43 #1 Question: Why are you doing this? 
  • 06:45 The importance of working for yourself (for your kids)
  • 08:10 Inspiring your kids by letting them witness what you do
  • 09:35 How women are expected to show up as selfless
  • 11:30 What are the ways you can teach your kids?
  • 13:45 The responsibility of fulfilling your potential
  • 15:20 The goal of greater impact by creating more wealth
  • 16:37 How money doesn't change who you are



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