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How Much Money Do You Need To Invest?

podcast Sep 22, 2023


How do you know if you have enough money for your first deal? And what about the deal after that? Depending on your current financial situation, there are certain steps that you can take towards securing your next deal.

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ln today's episode of The Wealth Blueprint, Palak and Niti are back as co-hosts, sharing their advice and insights on how much money is 'enough' when it comes to that next investment.

Are you just starting out in your career? Perhaps you have a lot of credit card debt or are paying off a student loan. Are you in a stable job, able to afford an annual vacation but unsure how to invest and grow your wealth? Or do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in your bank account, and are trying to figure out which investment strategy is best for you?

Whichever of those three categories you may currently find yourself in, Palak and Niti expertly speak to those financial themes and the context you find yourself in as they guide us on how we can leverage our money for time freedom. 

Learn how to increase your income with a side hustle in this new and exciting economy. Understand the benefits of paying off your credit card debt. Appreciate the wisdom of getting a good credit score before you leverage OPM (Other People's Money) and start making your financial dreams a reality.

Those dreams have to start somewhere. The way The Wealth Blueprint breaks it down for us by encouraging us to take a good look at assessing the financial life stage that we are in (and what we can do to improve that) makes it an absolute must that we start here, right now, by downloading and listening to this episode. Invest first – and then spend! Please join us.


"Borrowing money responsibly is the fastest way to grow wealth." ~ Niti Jamdar


In This Episode:

  • 01:12 Understand the 3 Key Stages of where people are at (from a money perspective)
  • 03:29 Are you finding it hard to make ends meet? 
  • 06:36 Unpacking the benefits of paying off your credit card debt
  • 07:56 Improving your credit score before you start investing
  • 09:32 Three things you can focus on to squash your credit card debt
  • 11:26 What should I do if I have a bit of a nest egg to invest?
  • 16:59 Flipping the script: learning how to invest first –  and then spend
  • 19:44 Palak shares Angie's story of implementing the BRRRR strategy on a duplex
  • 25:23 How much inconvenience can you deal with to improve your financial situation?
  • 26:56 What should you do if you have a few hundred thousand dollars to play with?
  • 32:43 Reverse engineering your dream: figuring out your end goal



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FREE 5-Day Real Estate Investor Accelerator - https://www.openspaceswomen.com/5day 


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