From Perfectionist to Powerful!

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2019

“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.”

~ Jim Rohn (From: The Miracle Morning)


Do you use independent, passionate and perhaps perfectionist to describe yourself? Let me guess, you have a thriving career, great family and friends and are generally happy. Yet, something is missing, you find yourself wondering if you were meant to do big things, if this is all there is. However, despite this nagging feeling, you feel stuck. 

These attributes that you just used to describe yourself, those are your strong suits, right?… Wrong! It’s time to start looking as them as your drawbacks.


These attributes allow us to achieve growth and progress. They allow us to be liked by our employers and customers and have great relationships with friends and family. But that’s just the problem, you see! These are the same qualities that stop us from becoming the best we can be, to tap into our fullest potential.


In being the detail oriented person that everyone expects us to be so we can take care of every little thing that others around us would be happy to not occupy their brain with, we are missing out on becoming the powerful people that we are meant to be - the ones that run large empires, the ones people look up to.

Do you know the two biggest differences between perfectionist and powerful? Delegation and Outsourcing.


Let go of that control and trying to deliver the product with i’s dotted and t’s crossed. It’s not your job. Your job is to move mountains, build companies the size of kingdoms and focus on changing the world. Get out of that comfort zone and grow with strategic partnerships and bringing the right people to do the right tasks. Because “I wish I had worked IN my business as opposed to ON my business” said no successful entrepreneur ever!


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