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Empowering Women: Unveiling the Path to Wealth Creation

podcast Aug 11, 2023

What does it mean to create wealth? As Palak shares with us today, building wealth has allowed her to give back so much more than she ever could have. It has empowered her to actually feel like she has a place in society, to know that she can actually give back.

Unfortunately, not all women are in quite the same position as Palak, and she gets asked a lot about why it is, exactly, that women aren't the ones building wealth and that this is usually a job left to the men. 

And for Palak, there are three key reasons why women lack the motivation, courage, and support to build wealth. This is because it is unfamiliar, and unseen, and it makes women feel unproductive when there are seemingly more pressing tasks at hand.

The good news is that a revolution is afoot! More and more women are empowering themselves as wealth builders, shunning the supposed shame of enjoying earning money and providing for their families in new and important ways. 

Please join Palak in this episode that is all about empowering women in their wealth-generating goals!


"Women are realizing (especially after COVID) that the weight of the world falls on us. And it's up to us to build wealth for our family." ~ Palak Shah


In This Episode:

  • 01:00 The impression Palak was left with when her mom sold a property (and acquired a chunk of cash)
  • 02:45 Understanding the impact of women not being exposed to entrepreneurial opportunity
  • 03:30 How wealth building has historically been the man's job
  • 04:10 How some women are shamed for liking 'making money'
  • 04:45 How building wealth has empowered Palak
  • 05:41 How wealth building is 'unseen': understanding the power of external validation
  • 07:05 Why women are driven by productivity (and how building wealth is more long-term)



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