Building Wealth using the BRRRR Strategy

Hosted by Palak Shah, 
Real Estate Investor &
Rental Portfolio Coach

Here's what we'll be covering:

1. Key criteria when you're picking your Real Estate strategy - how to choose which one is right for you

2. Why BRRRR strategy is the holy grail of Real Estate Investing

3. How I created a $4M portfolio in less than 2 years - one that will be generating cash flow for me for years to come

"The tips for scaling, automating, and working remotely were really helpful and motivating!"

Khalia Luff

"This has been super informative…love how you structured the entire presentation."

Rupam Patheja

"very informative for beginners!"

Chhaya Nanavati

More About Palak

Palak Shah is the founder and owner of Open Spaces Capital that generates over $1M in annual revenue and Open Spaces Women. An Engineer by trade, after the birth of her two kids she decided to make the move to entrepreneurship to be able to spend more time with her children. Though Palak has invested in real estate for many years, in her first 2 years investing full-time, she purchased, renovated, rented, and refinanced properties creating a $4M rental portfolio. It is now her passion to empower other women to pursue entrepreneurship through real estate investing to live an empowered and financially free life.


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